Order high quality, handmade shoes at a reasonable price. Sourced from Seoul’s storied Seongsu shoemaking district, men can get a custom shoe that they design in two weeks.
You don’t need a world-class steakhouse to enjoy a great steak. Korea’s No.1 food truck company brings the same steak enjoyed at top restaurants to the masses at prices anyone can afford.
Starpix lets users select proprietary images of top actors and music artists and create custom merchandise such as picture books and calendars. The company has agreements with leading Korean management companies and on-demand printing companies.
Receiving handfuls of coins at the cash register has become a real irritant. Puzzles is an automated coin counting kiosk that collects your change at point of purchase and syncs with your mobile device to turn it into cash.
Meet Eat Chat
For travelers are looking for an authentic experience when they visit a new place, the best way to connect with people in their native culture is over food. Meet Eat Chat bring together hosts and travelers at parties, at home and at unique places of interest.
Users take photos of items in their wardrobe and HarmonyIt matches them to similar items highlighted by retailers and fashion bloggers. Their app then makes recommendations on complementary wardrobe items for purchase.
FashionSShow helps eliminate the noise when shopping for clothes online by bringing you the most relevant reviews based on who you are – your height, weight and tastes.
Ergo brings together aspiring designers and fashion conscious consumers in a crowdfunding platform where designs that have the popular support of the crowd are manufactured and marketed.
PinStory is a crowd-based review platform targeting the fast-growing markets in Asia where no service exist.
moonROK translates and publishes K-pop news and entertainment
Richslide provides a cloud-based digital signage platform that can be managed in real time from any device.
Soundmate is music-focused social network service connecting people with similar musical tastes and helping them discover new songs and artists.
Mushroom is a sales and marketing platform for independent artists.
TappyToon is a digital comic platform that connects Korean comic artists with millions of global fans.
MtoV has developed a cloud-based vehicle analytics platform which provides real-time feedback and recommendations to drivers and vehicle owners.
Sogware is a game development company for both online PC and mobile games with expertise in server load testing tool and AI development.
Gamecoach is an eSports instructional platform that allows users to learn directly from professional gamers.
Gluvi allows users to combine Short video clips are with their unique branching system, allowing users to discover alternative interpretations of the content.
Tackl provides a career development platform that allows companies to evaluate students through participation in company projects.
Super !dea
Super !dea offers free WiFi access which is paid for by advertisers. Smart device users view a commercial and then are linked to the service.
Crowd Source
Crowd Sourced Story has developed a mobile MMORPG in which the storyline of the game is crowdsourced.
Botem creates sensor devices that can collect data on people moving in and out of a room. Applications include building management, disaster prevention and security systems.